By Julie Mae Allison, 11th June 2020
Why You Should Protect Yourself (and Your Environment) From Negative Energy

You may be asking – why on earth should you protect yourself in the first place.

Every day we’re bombarded with negative “vibes” that could come from friends and family, work colleagues, the media (it’s their job to report doom and gloom) or even people in the street (I find supermarkets and some other public places have particularly low energy – they will not be protecting and cleansing the buildings and will have a barrage of people with low energy that you can easily pick up if you’re allowing it into your energy – so it’s just as important to protect your environment).

As well as encountering low energy from this physical world, we need to be equally aware of negative energies in the spirit world. I want to point out to you here that there is no need to worry at all about this – your guides will always be there to protect you, or warn you – if you ask them. But we can inadvertently allow entities in that we are not aware of that are not acting in our highest interest. If you protect yourself properly and set an intention only to connect with your (safe) guides, then others can’t cross your path.

How Would You Know If You’ve ‘Invited In’ Any Low Energies

You will know if you are suffering with this low energy because you will keep feeling drained. You may wake up in the morning already drained. You may feel particularly drained in an afternoon, possibly keep falling asleep. It will have an impact on your ability to focus and get things done in the day. The disclaimer here is feeling low energy and drained may be due to ill health and you must see your doctor first if this is the case.

But if you’ve tried everything and there are no known health issues, then set to work particularly on cleansing your energy to remove the low dense energy. Or, better still for you – to ensure you remove any low energies completely and safely, see a therapist who specialises in cleansing auras and removing low energies. Make sure you do your homework with who you choose – that they do know how to do this safely. I offer this work and it usually only takes around an hour (and then it’s up to you to do your daily protection to keep any low energies away).  I do use Archangel Michael for removing low energies from clients and their homes, but I also have other guides who work alongside him.

I see a lot of clients who are therapists. They’ve trained in modalities such as Reiki. You learn how to protect yourself when training in Reiki. But, because it’s not appreciated how important it is to protect themselves, they soon get out of the habit. Or sometimes Reiki is not a strong enough energy, especially without setting an intention (so it’s not Reiki – it’s the way it is used), to protect some spirit coming through. A therapist will see a lot of clients, with all of their troubles! It’s our job to help people in some form of distress. But can you imagine how many of these people all have their low energy to burden a therapist? No wonder these therapists are tired all the time. They may put it down to the ‘physical’ part of the job. If you happen to be a therapist or work with clients who have any burdens, I appeal to you to ensure you protect yourself properly. It will help you to support yourself and therefore your clients in a much more profound way.

How do I know about therapists – because I was once one of those therapists who didn’t protect myself. I just kept forgetting to protect myself because “I was busy” getting ready for spending my day with clients. I am a Reiki Master Practitioner – so I should know better! I hadn’t realised what had happened when I was constantly tired, and even falling asleep often when I wasn’t using my adrenaline to work with clients! It was at the time I started seeing my own intuitive mentor to develop my intuition and she did the appropriate checks that I can do now for myself and others. She found a few negative energies. Once these were cleared I really felt a different person.

Luckily, these days, I constantly check and recheck my energy.

Setting Yourself Boundaries and Using Archangel Michael To Cleanse and Protect

You have a choice. You don’t have to allow other people’s energy into your own energy. Someone else may want you to drop everything to attend to their needs. Have you said yes in the past when you really meant to say no? Or have you gone to help them, only to find you are so drained when you get back home that it affects you for days? But the other person messages you to say they feel fantastic (yes, they will feel better – because they passed on their negative energy to you, instead of it moving around or over you).

The solution is to:

Sit quietly every morning;

Ground yourself first (my grounding meditation is in my FB Group Grow Your Intuitive Gifts if you need a meditation to do this;

Listen to my Archangel Prayer of Protection meditation (it’s not religious – when the guides talk about praying it’s exactly the same as asking. This was how it was channelled to me). Do this for about 3 weeks or until you know it off by heart and can think about it automatically or fast track your thoughts to him being with you in an instant;

Whilst listening to the meditation, really set your heart felt intention to bring Archangel Michael to you. Take a moment to feel his beautiful energy. You may get a sense or actually see his beautiful blue light.

If it helps – imagine a star trek invisible shield that other starships can’t attack with their weapon – their weapons just bounce back off! But imagine the shield as a blue orb all around you. And it’s people’s negative energy bouncing back.

And, when you encounter someone else that’s moaning and groaning about their day or their life, or you see something on the news, quickly act to imagine that forcefield, This is so that you are reinforcing your intention to be protected. Then simply ask in your head for Archangel Michael to stand beside you to dissolve the negative energy for you and the other person. You can still be compassionate with others, just as long as you are safe and in a good place to do so. In fact you can help people more when you look after your own energy first.

When you get used to protecting yourself, extend the protection to your home, your car, your work and anywhere else you spend a lot of time. To do this, simply and imagine Archangel Michael’s light flowing down over your home (or whatever environment you need).

You can call upon Archangel Michael at any time you feel you need him. You only have to ask and he will step forward to help you. He can of course help you with others things but we have just talked about his main role of protection here.

Protect Yourself Every Single Day

So, I hope that convinces you to ensure you cleanse and protect your own aura and your environment, and then set yourself boundaries. Set an intention that you will be protected and you will NOT ALLOW anyone moaning and groaning about their day to you. And do this EVERY SINGLE DAY – without fail.

If you are interested in self-development, particularly on the spiritual side, it is imperative that you use protection. You will no doubt need to cleanse yourself first of negative energy that you have accumulated over time (it’s a bit like accumulating toxins, but this is in your energy field). This helps to clear the space in your energy field to help raise your frequency.

There is more than one way of protecting yourself and I do use several – particularly strong forms of protection whilst working with my own spirit guides. But, I absolutely love Archangel Michaels’s beautiful blue, peaceful energy. It’s the best way to protect my clients easily for the rest of their day, once we’ve done their healing work. I hope you enjoy his energy too.

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