Command the business and life you deserve with the energy and grace of a Goddess

I know what you might be thinking – I also used to see Goddess type workshops and thought “it’s just not my thing…”

BUT – I’ve been doing some major work with my guides through meditation over the last few months.

They have told me that many women around the world could tap into so much more possiblities in their life, if only they knew they could, and knew how to do it.

Once they’ve done this for themselves, they are each able to use their unique gifts to help those others they are meant to be of service to, in order to make their impact on the world.

I will be talking about your dream business, but this is also ultimately about creating a dream life, a happy life for you and your family (otherwise it’s not worth doing).

However, most women think it’s not possible for them to do it.

What if…you got out of your own way, stepped up (just one small step at a time) and pushed yourself way beyond what you think are your limits.

The first step is looking inwards. This workshop is all about the inner work you need to do for achieving your dream life.

So, now it is my mission to share with you what my guides have shared with me…

Watch video of Julie explaining what this workshop is about


Saturday 8th February at 9.30am. Finishing at 12


Monday 10th February at 9,30am. Finishing at 12


Salt Revive, 85 Mill Lane, Beverley HU17 9DH

To book your place:

Email me at:


Text me on:  07508 824449

And I will send you more details. Payment can be by Direct Bank Transfer, Paypal or Cash. Details will be provided upon booking.

There is some preparation work for you to do that will make the session more valuable when you attend. It will not take up much of your time (a meditation and 2 page workbook), but for those who know me will know that I say – the more inner work you do, and the more ‘aligned’ action you take for yourself, the sooner you will achieve your dreams.



What will you get from this Workshop?

Step 1

Learn how to become aware of the things that are stopping you from stepping into a higher version of you. A version that commands:


Freedom for you and your family;

Total worthiness so you can do the job you love and live your dream life

Abundance in all things for you

A woman that oozes complete confidence in anything she does

(My guides have given 20 codes in total so far (things in your energy holding you back from doing what you want to achieve in life), but these are a big start to making a difference to your life)

Step 2

We will be doing a meditation and healing session to clear those codes (blocks) to allow the space you need to bring in the new beliefs about yourself.

Step 3

I’ll show you how to work from your Soul (and let your Ego step back for once). We’ll be choosing Oracle cards to see which Goddess energy you are most like.

Step 4

We start to embed new beliefs to drive you forward

Step 5

We start to create a plan for you to begin taking aligned action (you must do this to create your dream life)

Whilst asking my guides what price to place this Workshop at, the same instant, this charity bag came through the letterbox.
Considering my purpose is to help others teach our future children about living to their potential, no matter what their limitations, AND noticing the statement on the bag that actually wraps up in one sentence exactly what I mean by being a Goddess – I knew this was synchronicity.

The cost, therefore, of this workshop is £29

I’m going to donate £4 of this to It won’t be much but every little will help them.

 “Why live an ordinary life when you have so much potential in you to live an extraordinary life”