Clearing Your Blocks and Finding Your Purpose

Are you at a crossroads in your life but don’t know which direction to take?

Do you feel stuck in a rut and can’t move forward?


Realise there must be more to life, but don’t know your purpose

or feel there’s something missing from your life?

Imagine this scenario (is this you?):-

You manage to get to work every day on time, but spend the time doing unfulfilling tasks with no purpose to them, can’t wait for the end of the day to come so you can leave.

Or worse still – your job completely stresses you out, you cry to yourself at night, you hate it that much.

But carry on regardless, even though the stress is making you ill, at least you’re getting paid a regular, if not, mediocre salary so you can pay the bills every month.

And you left a previous job for this one because you thought it would be better, but in fact, it makes you feel worse.

Deep inside you can feel that calling that you are destined for greater things in your life – whether it’s another job that has real meaning and purpose to you, or you would even like to start your own business doing what you love to do.

As you are thinking about this right now, you feel so excited about how your life could be in the future. 

But this feels a real stretch for you. You’re scared to take the plunge, and besides – you have no idea how to step forward. You know that if you work harder and longer hours, things might be better one day – perhaps next year it will be different? But let’s face it, it feels far easier and comfier to stay exactly where you are right now. You’ve read so many self-help books but they’ve not worked so far. No matter how hard you work, how much you try to turn your life around, nothing is changing.

It’s alright for other people as they are more intelligent; have more money to start with; have help from their family. And right now you have a bad back/hips/frequent headaches or just feel too lethargic or generally unwell to start anything new – you need to wait until you feel better. Besides, there’s a great programme on the TV that you must watch. You might do something about it when the weekend comes…or maybe not. But one day you’ll get a lucky break – you’ll wait around until that day happens.


 There are many other scenarios that we face – you will be able to think of others – relationships, health, money to name a few.

Did you know:-
*The real reason you’re stuck is your deep routed beliefs. They make you doubt yourself, sabotage yourself, make you lack confidence in your abilities, make you lack the motivation, excitement and even the energy to actually go for your dream. So you don’t realise or you foresake  your life’s purpose in exchange for the life based on a story that you tell yourself. Or worse still – you have no clarity about what you do want.

*Our belief system is shaped from our childhood. We accept beliefs from anyone in authority – eg our parents and teachers and any other influencing adult. 
*In addition, our Soul may agree to bring forward issues from past lives to continue learning lessons.

*Family and friends who mean well, may also have a huge influence on you. Do you believe you can’t make money doing what you’re so passionate about? And do other people keep confirming that belief for you? Do you play the victim, blaming others for the way things are going. Do you stay in mundane jobs, even though you’re not happy, but that’s the only way to pay the bills? 

Clearing blocks and negative beliefs from childhood
“Ah, yes – the trauma of Mum dressing me up to look like a banana as a child!! ” . 
But seriously, life’s traumas, no matter how big or small have a profound effect on how we live and behave in every area of our life in adulthood.
It doesn’t have to stay this way. Don’t let your life’s purpose never be realised!
What if you change your story?
What if, with help, support and guidance, you could move away from being stuck, reliving the same life, year upon year, without ever moving forward. 
What if you could shed your old self and bring out the new, better version of yourself? The version of you where you find your passion in your work and life, the version that is highly motivated, the version that realises that, with no medical reason for your aches and pains or lethargy, are actually a sign from your body that you’re not doing what makes you happy, the version that leaves procrastination behind and takes aligned action in small steps to make giant leaps, the version that gets up bright in a morning and is completely living the life that you dream of.

Ready to get unstuck and become unstoppable?

It’s time to press the reset button on your old programming and activate and upgrade the new version of you.

Work with me in a private One to One Programme and here’s what we’ll work on:

Get Crystal Clear on What You Do Want

Let’s explore where you want to be, who you want to be, what you want to do in the future. Most people know what they don’t want but are not clear what it actually is they do want. This is the stage where together we unravel and extract the potential future you – look at your purpose – look at your goals and what you want to achieve.

AND…this is the stage where we discover your restrictions, your beliefs that are limiting you.

Reset and Re-programme Your Old Blocks and Beliefs To New Ones

Using Light Language healing, we remove your old beliefs and instil new ones.

We also look at how balanced you are in the sense of your whole being and create some tweaks during a healing session (an example of one of the checks I do is – if you are someone who picks up negative energy we remove anything that’s been draining on your resources and create a barrier (is a particular issue with anyone who sees clients face to face, anyone who is a people pleaser or anyone who is sensitive to electromagnetic devices).

We then support you to ensure you embrace and embed these new beliefs by helping you create new habits and behaviours. It starts with even the tiniest shift in what you believe your potential reality can be – and that glimour of excitement and hope. 

Create Your Strategy To Move You Forward To Achieving Your Future Dream Life

You’ll receive a written document of your Tasks and Action Plan, renewed after each session. If you have any queries in-between sessions, we will keep in touch during working hours.

A Continual Review and Check In Throughout the Programme

Checking in with you AND your guide on your current belief system – any confidence issues, self-doubt, projections, forgiveness, judgement and dealing with any other restrictions as they arise. As old emotions are released, you may experience what the guides would describe as “chaos”. This may be in the form of you dealing with stronger lower emotions (eg anger, frustration, sadness) as they are being released and rise through the surface – and you wouldn’t even know why you are feeling them. OR it may be in the form of how your new energy – the new version of you has an impact on “friends” or work colleagues. OR your experiences – that may feel like the worst thing to you, but needs to happen in order for you to “shed” the old you and resurface as the new you. We are here to support you, inspire you, and re-assure you whilst you work through this time of chaos.

Only if you wish, I can show you how to work with your Soul and Higher Self, so your Mind and Ego are not getting in the way whilst they become more balanced. 

1) Wanting a single session for now?

A single session is for you if you’re already aware you must have blocks, even if you don’t know what they are; that you already have some tools to drive you forward but need help with more. And you just need a healing session to help you clear the energy of those blocks so you can do the rest to take aligned action to move forward on your own. You may even want to return for another session sometime in the future. In one session we can prioritise the clearing what’s been holding you back. I use Light Language healing modality (click for more info on this modality). 

This 90 minute session is £77

In addition, it will include, pre-work from me to do a reading with your guide on what needs clearing, the recording of our discussion and the Light Language meditation for you to watch or listen to at any time in the future, and an action plan of tasks to work in alignment on the path of your purpose.



2) Programme of Three Sessions (minimum recommended @ once per week to help your transformation)

It includes all the above, plus – keeping in contact between sessions to keep you accountable and to motivate you into that action you need to take. I give you “homework” of tasks and exercises. I guide you through any “chaos” you may experience as you are “releasing the old”. Going through a ‘programme’ enables you the time and a safe space to embrace and embed the new beliefs we’ve instilled in you with our support, so you create new behaviours and take appropriate action, and if you’re ready, create the DNA activation in you to allow your creativity and passion to expand to the next level of your potential.

 Your investment for this Programme is £199 (Or Payment Plan of 2 x £105)

And I never want anyone who really wants this much needed alchemic work to walk away due to finances. There are always ways and means we can figure something out – just contact me to discuss.

If you need any more than 3 sessions we look at this on a case by case basis.



Why Work With Me…

…I know how you feel because I was once where you are today.
I was once that person who drove herself so much wherever I worked, working all hours, trying to please everyone – just to prove I could do the work.
And, at the time I thought myself to have a fairly successful career and enjoyed it some of the time.
I earnt enough money to be comfortable.
But it felt like no matter what I did, you were just another number on the payroll; that no one valued you or what you did.
So I didn’t value myself. It wasn’t just me – everyone else there would have felt the same. But that only made the working atmosphere completely draining on my energy – like a black cloud was hanging over every time I entered the office.


In my 20s, I also went to University to get a degree, working to fit it in around my full-time job. It meant over the 6 years it took to achieve my degree, I never had a life.
 I know now that getting the degree, whilst I’m very proud of myself for achieving it, came from the belief that “I was never good enough” after failing all exams at school.
I have no regrets because I know now I needed to go through all those experiences to make me who I am today.
  BUT I also didn’t know any different. All I knew back then was the only way to earn money was to get a job.
Then I was made redundant due to organisation closure. It really made me question myself on what on earth I had been doing in all the 23 years work I had put into for someone else.
Since been made redundant, I got a part time job with no stress, simply spent less and it gave me chance to start and grow my own business. I just knew it was in me to help others heal themselves.
That was 17 years ago. Today – I’ve had a successful full time massage therapy business that I’ve absolutely loved.
I’m so grateful to have connected with so many wonderful clients. It’s through helping them (I’ve treated lots of bad backs due to work, stress and lifestyle!) that I soon realised how much our Mind and Ego plays a vital part in our restrictions.
Whenever we couldn’t release a certain area by physical massage alone – it would soon be present that there was an underlying issue and it was their Ego or Mind that needed the nurturing. And I would get messages through my intuition on how to help someone.
And my intuitive mentoring business now grew from there…..


Ready to work with me on a programme?

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I’m sure you’re eager to get started on this new experience of your life’s journey.

Let’s have a chat first to discover exactly what your dreams, aspirations and expectations are about your future, and whether it’s in your highest interest to work with me.

It goes without saying that, whilst I consult with your guide and my guides, we need your total involvement. You do need to be 100% committed to the daily work in between our sessions for you to impact and transform your life in the deepest way possible.  Everything I do in the sessions will involve you so you are empowered to be completely in control. Even with help from your guide and my guides, and even when we cleared the space for you to move forward, there is ONLY YOU, with your free will, who can actually change your life (no one else can do it for you – but we will all endeavour to assist you).

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