Fertility Focus

Are you struggling to get pregnant?

Have you been trying to conceive for such a long time?

Are you relentlessly searching for answers to your infertility?


Have you had every test going, but still, no one can find out what’s wrong with either of you.

You may even have had the diagnosis of “unexplained infertility”. You’re relentlessly researching why you can’t get pregnant when everyone else around you can, but feel you’re hitting a brick wall.

Month after month of heartbreak goes by as the start of each new month sends your emotions further into turmoil – but you’re in no way giving up. But you’re now at a loss as to where or who to turn to for help and feel so lonely in your endless quest for an answer.

How I can help you?

Hi – I’m Julie Allison – a certified Intuitive Communicator.

My own infertility journey led me on a path to meeting my spirit guides.  I now know it’s my mission and life’s purpose to mentor couples who are having difficulty getting pregnant, particularly those with no explainable reason for their infertility struggles.

I’m here to help you realise and release any potential blocks that could be affecting your infertility. Working intuitively means we can look beyond just the physical aspects of you. We look at your mindset, your emotions, your purpose, and where you are putting the most energy into – all of the things that could have an impact on your fertility. Together, we (me, you and our guides) create a bespoke Fertility Programme to incorporate any healing that is required from me, plus I show you the self-help techniques you specifically need to move you from a place of despair, helplessness and anxiety to feeling inspired and empowered to take more control of your own wellbeing, health and fertility.


My current goal (agreed with my guides) is to reach out and help as many couples as possible. I’m an unknown in this field so I can understand the hesitation from you if you are unsure whether I can help you. So this is reflected in my prices in order to reach out and help you. If you feel your turn is NOW to get help and your gut feeling is to work with me and my specialist fertility guides, please don’t hesitate to email or text me as per the last section of this page and we can have an initial Discovery chat.

The Options:

My 5 Week Intensive Programme for Individuals

  1. An in depth discussion to dig deep to establish where you might have blocks to getting pregnant.
  2. I create a bespoke Fertility Plan and Strategy with both of our guides to set goals, prioritise and look at key actions for us both to work on.
  3. We go through the Fertility Plan together. I’ll have energy healing tasks to perform to help you clear the mindset or emotional blocks, clear past life issues and other timeline distortions so this process will begin within the very first session of looking at the Fertility Plan.
  4. We get you clear on your goals and tasks. This takes 100% commitment. Remember we look mostly at the non-physical side of what’s stopping you from getting pregnant. So, I may set you the task of a particular meditation to set your intention and focus on new affirmations. This is all about Minset change, your Emotional state and your Energy body. In order to keep up the momentum, deal with any setbacks or frustrations quickly and immediately as soon as they arise, and ensure you raise your vibration and keep it raised essentially to that of the “fertility frequency”, I recommend 2 x face to face/online sessions per week for 5 weeks.
  5. At the last session we will review the Plan.

Cost: £333.  Please note: I can only work with 5 clients at any one time to allow the space and time to work with your guides and give my wholehearted commitment and energy to serve you in the best way I can.

Group Fertility Support Workshop

Coming soon…

A 6 week online course. Live meetings each week so you can get to know each other and share stories. Workbook provided, so you will be set ‘homework’ tasks.

As a group I show you how you can check for and clear limiting belielfs, work on the emotional side of infertility and change mindset to re-connect you with your beautiful body again. We’ll do meditations and visualisations, journalling. We also touch on nutrition and detoxing. 

£111 I’m taking just 10 clients in order that I can support each of you.

Monthly Group Mentoring Membership

Coming Soon…

A monthly 2 hour online live session with Qs and As. Based on a different theme each month. Includes a meditation, ‘homework’

£22 per month.

What people are saying…

After having my first baby, I went on to suffer from multiple miscarriages. I already had massages with Julie so knew she was working with crystals. I had a couple of treatments with Julie which incorporated the crystals and energy work and fell pregnant. I did have medical help once I became pregnant, but do feel that having crystals helped me to relax and fall pregnant naturally. Would highly recommend anyone suffering with similar issues to give it a try      HP, East Yorkshire

Around about 16 months into our ttc journey I searched for further support to help me deal with my experience of longing for a baby but never knowing if it would ever happen. I found Julie’s support group in Beverley which allowed me to open up and talk about our journey so far. 

It sounds cliche but it really helped me to talk with someone who understood what I was going through but who also had practical and emotional support. Julie made suggestions around lifestyle changes relating to my diet and day to day life that could help improve my fertility . The relaxation part of the session was really lovely too and helped me to relax and unwind. 

Fairly soon after attending two sessions a small miracle happened in our world and I was pregnant. We now have an amazing daughter and I feel completely blessed. I’m so grateful to Julie for her support and advice. It could have been those few things that changed everything for me.          FL, East Yorkshire


Fertility Support Group

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Disclaimer: The advice, support and treatments I provide are NOT a replacement for medical advice or medical treatment. I do not diagnose or claim to cure any conditions. I do not make any claims or guarantees that you will get pregnant using my methods. If you have any medical concerns, please consult with your GP or healthcare consultant.