History of him presenting himself to me

by Julie Mae Allison 24th June 2020

I have recently started working with 6 of the Archangel guardians (or this is at the current time of June 2020 – as we progress and evolve our healing modalities or other elements of our purpose, we are given more and more by our guides as soon as our energy is ready to receive more).

I have to confess that I’ve never felt any avid interest in who all the Archangels are before they presented themselves to me. Don’t get me wrong – from a young age, I always loved the idea of guardian angels looking after us but never felt any strong presence. I’ve not read many books, views or experiences of other’s encounters. So, all I know is what they are telling me at the times when they feel they need to ‘visit’ me. Therefore, this is my perception of my own experience. Others will have different encounters.

Archangel Metatron was the second Archangel guide to present himself to me (it always seems by ‘accident’. I was helping someone to clear their negative beliefs about themselves when I intuitively picked up the card with Metatron’s cube from my crystal grid pack. At the time I didn’t know/hadn’t remembered it was Metatron’s cube. But as I touched the card, I felt such a strong sense of the violet light that I now know to be Metatron’s main signature colour (well, this is my own perception, there is never a right and wrong way to see/sense/feel any of our guides from 5D and above – no one is right or wrong).

What does he help us with? – his message

He is here to help us humans become more awake – more conscious. And he knows what it was like to be human, so he has a particular interest in helping humans heal.

Metatron will help to raise your vibration. He works through your Higher Self and through your crown energy centre. When your crown energy centre is in a balanced state, you become more connected with who you truly are. You become more connected and as one with the Universe/The Divine/Source/God – whomever you feel you want to refer to. In terms of this helping you, you find an inner power to propel yourself forward into working on your life’s purpose.

When you feel stuck in your life, it’s a reflection of how stuck your energy is. Or how contracted you are. To explain this in the physical here is a quick exercise for you:

Think of your current job, your current relationship, or something else in your life. When you think of your job, for example, are you excited for Monday morning coming around. Do you feel so expanded in your energy like you want to throw your arms open in joy when you think about it. You can’t wait to get going on your next assignment.


Do you feel like you’re tightening up. Like your body is shrinking inside – like a deflating balloon. You’ll have many negative emotions alongside this. This is stuck dense energy that you need to be rid of.

Archangel Metatron is here to remind us that no one needs to be stuck in this energy. This energy is a reflection of what your current REALITY is right now. But no one needs to be stuck, YOU can change this. You might not think it at this moment, but little step by little step, you have such power inside you to make changes to your life. It is only force of habit, what you know as reality and physical in your conscious mind, and what others tell you (including the media and authorities such as political forces) that you believe to be true that keep you stuck. Please note here that this is not the fault of others – for they also only know how to work from negative vibrations – they don’t know any different. They also work from their own belief systems!

He is the overseer of the Akashic Records. Which means when he assists in helping you release all the stuck, negative energy that no longer serves you, he releases this negative energy imprinted in all of your quantum field. That is from the experiences you have encountered both in this life and in past lives and other dimensions that you agreed to in your ‘contract’ before you were born into the physical realms.

And when the 6 Archangels work with me to help the energy clearing and healing of others, Archangel Metatron is the super overseer (his words to me – how I’ve deciphered it) of the healing process. So he will take a view of your frequency and guide us to work in the areas that need balancing – removing the denser energy so that we can replace and instill it with the new codes.

And a last note about Metatron’s cube – and I’ve had to look this up. All I knew was that if I looked at the flat card containing the cube, it would appear as if it was rising from the card as 3D. And then, I could visualise all aspects of a client within the cube elements. We see the cube as flat, but of course it is 3D



To call in Archangel Metatron, simply set your intention. Use your own words, with meaning that is heartfelt for you. You will know what to say and how to ask when the time is right. Words aren’t necessarily important when we work with guides. The key to asking, forgiving, clearing, healing and so on is all about your VIBRATION – nothing else.