Spectrum of Colours Affecting Body Tiny Little Miracles Julie Mae Allison

by Julie Mae Allison, 11th June 2020

What is our body made of?

When you start to understand that we are all more than the 3 dimensional physical/matter that we see with our eyes – that we are made of energy, it becomes the starting point to your own healing of every part of your life. Your physical body, your mental and emotional state AND your ability to connect with 5th dimensional beings and beyond! You are able to ‘manipulate’ your own energy (in a good way) to manifest anything you want.

We are beings of light first. Or, in other words, we are beings of energy. Energy carries a frequency. Frequency carries intelligent information. Energy knows no “good”, “bad”, “right” or “wrong” – it is just energy or information. It is human beings that perceive good, bad, right or wrong. Energy doesn’t distinguish from what is our reality and what we haven’t accepted as an alternative reality yet (i.e. what we would see as real or imagined – so – if we imagine something for long enough, along with a high vibrational emotion, e.g. gratitude, love, joy, excitement, wonder, it will become our reality).

Within our body, the most amazing things are occurring! Each of our cells is it’s own electromagnetic frequency (EMF) (or they are little beams (photons) of light). Our cells need to communicate with each other, so there is an information exchange between every cell in order to make our body function healthily and keep us alive and well. The communication taking place is like a beautiful symphony. And when a cell becomes a dull light – i.e. it does not transmit enough information it becomes an unhealthy cell. If we work from the vibration of fear, anxiety, worry, frustration, anger etc, there becomes a lack of information exchange and the energy becomes blocked or stuck. These emotions create a very dense, dull energy. I have far more information about other ways you can change your energy to change your life for the better in other blogs and videos, but this blog is simply a starting point to explain how our body is influenced by colour so much.

Colours That Our Energy Centres Eminate

Our bodies have 7 main energy centres (it has more but we will only describe the 7 main ones here). Each Energy Centre is like a mini brain in it’s own right. They also pass information to and from each other and to and from the outside world (when functioning healthily). We also have another one a few feet above our head and another one a few feet below our feet.

Each Centre relates to a plexus (of the central nervous system) along the spine, each centre relates to a gland, each Centre relates to a specific psychological function, and specific physical systems of the body.

They all vibrate a certain colour. Since light holds a frequency, the vibration of the energy centre disperses as a colour of the spectrum (just the same as the colours of a rainbow are seen through a prism. We see colours because of their vibration. Seeing certain colours will have an influence on your energy. Different colours make you feel differently, because of the colour’s energy.

Below are the meanings of the main colours. If you feel an imbalance in any of these colours, then wear or imagine that colour to help you get back into balance. You still need to use colours in balance (ie not too excessive).

Think about what colours you are dressed in, food, where you work, your home, crystals.

Red = Base Energy Centre.

Energising, passion, action, ambition and determination. Warm and positive colour associated with our most physical needs, our will to survive and be protected. It exudes a strong and powerful masculine energy. Associated with being grounded and connected strongly with the earth and with our existence.

It impacts our vitality, passion and survival instincts. The red chakra colours are also indicative of our need for logic and order, physical strength. When strong, we like to be the center of attention. It excites the emotions and motivates us to act. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities. It is also strong-willed and can give confidence to those who are shy or lacking in will power. A passion and enthusiasm for life and you’re not afraid to pursue your dreams and goals. You’re a hard worker when you have a personality color red, and you particularly enjoy physical work and working with your hands.

Imbalanced is the colour of anger, rage. Competitive (negative can be towards never feeling good enough). You are impulsive – you should count to 10 before reacting to situations as it is in these situations that your anger and aggression often appear. You are always in a hurry, wanting to do everything right now. Patience is not one of your strong points.

Orange = Sacral Energy Centre (around navel)

Balanced = Optimistic, joy, happiness, uplifting, warmth, desire, vitality, creativity, growth, learning, compassion for others, confidence, rejuvenating our spirit.

Also = adventure and risk-taking, extroverted, independence. Those inspired by orange are always on the go! Orange relates to ‘gut reaction’ or our gut instincts. Emotions, feelings – in a balanced state you are able to speak openly about your emotions.

An imbalanced state expresses self-doubt, demotivation, insecurity. Orange offers emotional strength in difficult times. It helps us to bounce back from disappointments and despair, assisting in recovery from grief.

Orange is so optimistic and uplifting that we should all find ways to use it in our everyday life, even if it is just an orange coloured pen that we use. Orange brings spontaneity and a positive outlook on life and is great to use during tough economic times, keeping us motivated and helping us to look on the bright side of life.

Orange helps us bring new ideas and frees the spirit of its limitations, giving us the freedom to be ourselves. At the same time, it encourages self-respect and respect of others.

Yellow = Solar Plexus

Colour of the mind and the intellect – you love a challenge, particularly a mental challenge. Inspires original, practical thought, communication, inquisitiveness and new ideas. Creates an enthusiasm for life and can awaken greater confidence, optimism, happiness, cheerfulness and fun. This resonates with the left or logical side of the brain stimulating our mental faculties and creating mental agility and perception. Uplifting and illuminating, offering hope, happiness and concentration. Yellow is the scientist, constantly analyzing, looking at both sides before making a decision; methodical and decisive. Yellow is the entertainer, the comic, the clown.

Yellow helps with decision making as it relates to clarity of thought and ideas, although you can often be impulsive. Yellow helps us focus, study and recall information, useful during exam time.

However, it can also suggest impatience, impulsiveness, criticism, the perfectionist and cowardice. Often, out of anxiety, jump in too quickly and rush things rather than taking things at a steady pace. You have a strong independent streak in you, and are selective with your choice of friends, keeping a small group of close and like-minded friends rather than being involved in team events or large social gatherings.

 Green = Heart energy centre

Colour of balance and growth. It can mean both self-reliance as a positive and possessiveness as a negative.

When the heart is coherent with the mind, we can do great healing work for ourselves and others,

Growth, spring, renewal and rebirth and abundance. It restores us back to a sense of well being when we are mentally or emotionally exhausted. This is why there is so much of this relaxing colour on the earth. Green is an emotionally positive colour, giving us the ability to love, through emotions of the heart and nurture ourselves and others, family and friends unconditionally. A natural peacemaker. You’re generous and love to share, but you also looks for recognition. Relates to stability and endurance, giving us persistence and the strength to cope with adversity. You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve- you are an open book who doesn’t hide his/her feelings. You may have a tendency to be a martyr.

Blue = Throat energy Centre

Colour of trust, responsibility, honesty, confidence and loyalty. Deep healing, communication, speaking the truth through verbal self-expression – you are the teacher, the public speaker. Going with the flow. You can be relied on to take control and do the right thing in difficult times. You have a need for order and direction in life, including living and work spaces. You seek peace and tranquillity above everything else, promoting both physical and mental relaxation.

If you are imbalanced in the throat chakra, you may be reserved – you and don’t like to make a fuss or draw attention. You hate confrontation so you keep quiet – however, this may end up giving you physical throat imbalances such as thyroid issues. Once you start to discover your true calling and be true to yourself – speak your mind no matter what – your throat chakra will begin to heal.

It reduces stress, creating a sense of calmness, relaxation and order – we certainly feel a sense of calm if we lie on our backs and look into a bright blue cloudless sky. It slows the metabolism. The paler the blue the more freedom we feel.

Indigo = Third Eye/Brow Energy Centre

Intuition, perception, imagination, integrity idealism and structure as well as ritualistic and addictive. Honest, deep sincerity, compassionate and understanding.

It promotes deep concentration during times of introspection and meditation, helping you achieve deeper levels of consciousness. It is a colour which relates to the “New Age” – the ability to use the Higher Mind to see beyond the normal senses with great powers of perception. It relies on intuition rather than gut feeling. Reflects great devotion, wisdom and justice along with fairness and impartiality. It is a defender of people’s rights to the end.

Structure creates identity and meaning for indigo. In fact an indigo person cannot function without structure and traditions – it throws them right off balance. Organisation is very important to them and they can be quite inflexible when it comes to order in their lives. Service to humanity is one of the strengths of the colour indigo. You are compassionate, understanding and supportive, thinking of others before yourself – you are the person to come for help – being needed motivates you but sometimes people take advantage of you. You are a gentle and free spirit. People are drawn to your charismatic and alluring energy. Your feelings run deep and you can be quite sensitive to hurtful comments from others, although you would never show it.

Indigo stimulates right brain or creative activity and helps with spatial skills. It is a dramatic colour relating to the world of the theatre, which, during times of stress becomes the drama queen, making a mountain out of a molehill! Being a personality colour indigo indicates you are hungry for the meaning of life. You may have a great need to acquire qualifications.

Violet = Crown Energy Centre

Violet is the colour of spirituality. It has the shortest wavelength and the highest vibration of the colours of the visible spectrum of light. Violet offers an inner sense of wholeness. With wholeness comes a sense of ending, completion of a process, and a promise of something new, illumination, rebirth.

Violet connects with sadness of letting go, but also with joy of transformation. (we need to let go, even if we don’t want to, in order to leap forward). There is peace and tranquillity in the newfound knowledge of profound change. Violet is cleansing and purifying. It is the colour of magic, ritual, cleansing, purifying, connecting, mystery, and mysticism. It is a colour that allows us to glimpse other realities, beyond our physical and material reality of this earthly existence. It is pure cosmic energy.

Julie Mae Allison