What’s your biggest, burning question about your life right now?

What would you like to ask:
What’s my Soul’s purpose? Why do I feel like something’s missing out of my life?
Why am I feeling stuck?  Why am I in this struggle? Is it going to get worse?
Why am I not earning the amount of money I desire? Can I get out of my dead end job?


Energy Assessment

Whatever your burning question or problem you want to solve, I can offer an energy assessment to ascertain why something is happening (or not happening) in your life right now. 

NOTE: This is an assessment of your life right now. This is about YOU and how YOU are manifesting things into your life, and why things are repeating themselves and why you are not moving forward.

It provides insight into:

Emotional blocks and limiting beliefs from anywhere along your timeline (this life and past lives)

What your Mind is telling you – how far on the level of ‘victim sydrome’ are you?

How aligned you are with your purpose.


Step 1

We have a discovery call about your issues and if it’s in your highest interest to work with me.

Step 2

You complete a detailed form explaining your issues further

Step 3

You don’t need to be present for this part. I work intuitively with both our guides to assess your situation and what next steps you can take. The assessment is documented and sets out tasks. I record the main issues that you need to address, including bespoke meditations.

Step 4

We meet up to discuss the findings. Armed with this new information, in order to get your life in focus, you can then go and work on your own to clear the blocks and beliefs. You can work on the challenges, changes in habits and new actions you need to make to create a new life for yourself.

Cost: £149



Would you like to work with me further to bring about the changes you need?