Meet Your Spirit Guides Julie Mae Allison

Have you always had a burning desire to communicate with your spirit guide?


Aren’t you just a little curious about what they look or sound like and why they are here with you?


Or do you feel something is missing –

that you’re not entirely fulfilling your purpose in life.

You just know that you have so much more to give to others deep inside you, but you also want the best and happiest life for yourself and your family.

Throughout my life, I experienced my guides attempting to get my attention – I chose to ignore them as it wasn’t ‘normal’! My first profound experience of hearing a guide loud and clear was walking home from my office job about 10 years ago. As I walked down the street I suddenly heard someone call out my name from behind me. I couldn’t even tell you what else they said as I was so surprised I turned around, even though I knew the voice wasn’t from a physical person.

I had no idea what to make of it back then, but I was so intrigued by what had just happened that I so desperately wanted to get the voice back. So I researched and finally found a mentor who could help me make sense of it. Once I was able to communicate with my guide, my life completely turned around – and is continuing to change as each day I learn something new from my (9) guides that I currently have (and my team is continually growing!). I still don’t have all the answers, but I know why I’m here, I know my unique gift to share with the world and my Soul is continually learning the most amazing lessons from my guides in order for me to release and break free from our conditioning and blocks we’ve grown up with. I’m no longer worrying about others’ non-belief views; I’m no longer afraid to come out of the ‘spiritual closet’ and I don’t want the Universe’s secrets to be secrets that only a meager few of us can tap into any longer. So, after building up my skills as an Intuitive Mentor, I’m on a mission to get the word out there about us all fulfilling our potential.


My absolute passion now is to share easy ways for you to communicate with your guide.

Let me show you how…

Did you know that EVERYONE has a spirit guide or indeed more than one guide, depending on where you are on your Soul’s journey.
And EVERYONE is able to connect and communicate with their guide(s). Please don’t think you can’t – this is what’s blocking you from connecting with them. They have so much wisdom to share. They are so eager for you to pay attention to them so they can guide you to leading a more fulfilling life.


My Meet and Work With Your Guide 4-Week Immersion Programme
is the Introductory Level Programme designed for you if you’ve not yet been able to connect with your guide,
or you have some limited connection but are not sure what to do with what’s coming through.
By the end of 30 days, with all the tools and techniques I teach you, and with lots of daily practice you will be able to:


Work with Your Inner Intuition to move forward in the RIGHT direction

Start to work with your SOUL. Your Soul knows your life’s purpose. Through your Soul your find your own UNIQUE GIFT to share with the world. Learn how important it is to work from your Soul when communicating with your guides without other influences like Ego to get in the way! Learn how to work in your highest interest and take aligned action towards your purpose.

Continually work to clear your negative limiting beliefs

Your Mind, Body and Ego are the ones that you normally listen to the most. They can lead you in a different direction that stops you from fulfilling the life you deserve. Learn tools that you can use for the rest of your life to continually clear those negative, limiting beliefs to make way for allowing you to be the driver and not the passenger. And allowing Soul (who can’t get a word in edgeways normally!) to show you the way forward. We also equally need our Mind Body and Ego to mature and become more balanced as they also can offer so much wisdom and insight into having the best life for you and your family (you can’t change other people, but you can certainly influence them with how you project your own energy to the outside world!).

We start to work on self-doubt, self-belief, your anxieties (that can stem from not knowing how you fit in and what you’re really doing here), and getting you feeling back in control of the things you can control, so you can claim your new sense of balanced power.

Co-create With Your Guides

Work with your guides to co-create in your business or other parts of your life. This can help with any business or personal projects. Instead of tirelessly running around seeking answers (which are usually coming from your Mind and Ego only), you can set aside time and consciously connect and ask for help from your guides. There are many aspects to co-creation so it’s a process and requires effort and input from you. But OMG – once you start to work with your guides, and in alignment with your purpose (and it has likely happened to you sometimes in the past without you knowing), you start receiving the right (sometimes unexpected) opportunities that come your way, once you begin to surrender and trust in your guides (and the Universe’s) help.

Connect with your spirit guide(s) for their advice

We practice the different ways that you can communicate with your spirit guide or guides. We’ll get you familiar with who your guide is – their name and the reason they are here for you. And we can even ask whatever questions you have of them.

Get your ‘aha’ moments. Gain an understanding of why the same ‘bad’ things are happening to you, or the things you want aren’t happening, from asking your guide. Instead of the “Why Me” statement from your Ego, we can ask why something has happened in your life from a neutral place with no judgement to give you closure and a sense of peace. It will ‘cancel’ that part of your Soul’s contract to enable you to take action to move forward without the repeated negative pattern.


This is a four-week immersion programme consisting of:
1) Preparatory work prior to the start of session 1 (if necessary) –
 Before Session 1 I will conduct your Assessment and create your Individual Programme Plan
2) 4 x 90 minute sessions – one each week(conducted over Zoom so the sessions can be recorded).
3) You will be sent recorded audio meditations tailored to your needs, including those needed for clearing blocks.
I will set you daily ‘homework’ – average is 30 minutes a day listening to the meditations, doing exercises and taking action to change your habits
(the more you work and keep practicing on these new habits and skills, the sooner things will change for you!)
4) Plus, if you have any questions or feel stuck, you are able to message me in-between sessions.
We never want to hold things up if it’s something that can easily be sorted out with a quick discussion.
Each week we cover the following:


Preparation Work - Your Assessment and Plan

I connect with your guide (includes a card reading) to ascertain:

The name they are presenting to me, whether male or female presence. How long they have been with you and whether you have a long history. How many physical lives you’ve had. How many Soul fragments there are connected with your Higher Self (they can affect your life and you can affect their lives). How many past life distortions there are which we have to remove. I check whether there is anything blocking or affecting you from connecting such as EMF frequencies or your energy system (we take the necessary steps with you to correct them). Whether there are any other priorities we need to address to help you move forward (this does not affect your ability to connect, it’s more for you if you want to take the action recommended by myself or your guide).

You’ll receive a written document of your Energy Assessment and Individual Programme Plan.

Session 1 - Connecting With Your Inner Intuition

Clearing any ‘energetic’ blocks with angelic guides. Frequency change. Working with your inner intuition first – consciously connecting and having conversations with the inner consciousnesses of your Mind, Ego, Body, Soul and Higher Self. Establishing blocks/limiting beliefs and learning and using lifelong tools to clear and replace the codes with new beliefs to begin to balance all aspects of yourself. Working from your Soul and Higher Self (these are essential for connecting with your spirit guide).

Your homework is to practice communicating with your inner guides and continue clearing blocks.

Session 2 - Meet and Speak to your External (Spirit) Guide

Checking in on belief system – confidence issues, self-doubt, intentions, projections, forgiveness, judgement, opening up/surrendering and dealing with any other restrictions. Continuing to work with your Soul and Higher Self – Seeking your purpose from them. Connecting you with your external (spirit) guide. Working with ALL methods of communication – audible, sensory, visual. Getting Yes/No signs. Dowsing. Synchronicities (including how to use the Oracle Cards) and acting on waves of inspiration. Working in your highest interest. 

Sessions 3 - Step into a past life

How to work in alignment with your purpose. Understanding your full potential and truth as a human being and gaining your inner power, inner wisdom, new found inner confidence to enable you to develop, practice on and share your unique gift with your loved ones or with the world! You will be shown how to co-create with your guide.​ We discuss the signs of other guides that join you to help you as you grow, nuture and develop your intuition further.

We ask your Soul to take you to a past life that is significant to this life. It might be for closure. It might be to help you gain a better understanding of your unique gift. We go with your guide to help us interpret.

Session 4 - Review and Ritual

(Prior to this session, I will check in with your guides that you have everything you need for you to continue growing your intuition). We have a recap of what’s been learned. Q and A and a chance to practice anything from the previous sessions. This may be the time that we look at your Source of Origin. We do a ceremony of ritual, recognition and celebration with grace and gratitude to seal in of all your learning and energy change.

Meet your Guides, find your Soul’s Plan, learn tools you can use for the rest of your life, remove anything that stands in your way of moving forward


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It goes without saying that you do need to be 100% committed to the daily work in between our sessions. You can only communicate with your guides IF you spend the time to sit quietly with them and learn. There is some preparation work that I need you to do, to be ready for the first session. Plus, I will need to do the assessment for you so we can design your individual plan of action on the programme. So I will explain everything in this FREE no-obligation Discovery Call. 

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