My Story

Meet your mentor…

Hi, I’m Julie Allison and I’ve dedicated my life to sharing my own experience, knowledge and skills to help you realise that you are more than worthy of the wonderful, fulfilled and happy life that you deserve. Every single one of us is born with a right to a happy, fulfilled life – whatever that might be for you.

My story into natural energy healing came about when me and my husband started trying for a baby. At 32 with lots of people telling me my “biological clock was ticking” I went into a panic when nothing happened. We finally got some tests done at our local hospital and the results came back – Unexplained Infertility! The only option the NHS could offer was IVF. We went through three failed attempts of IVF over so many years until after the final one at age 40, we were told to just adopt. This still was not the option I was looking for.


Being told our diagnosis, set me on a path to find a solution to our unexplained infertility. At the same time, to give me something else to focus on, I went on a massage course, I loved it! I felt like I had been doing it all my life! My clients loved how they felt afterwards! For myself, and for other clients, I have spent many years researching causes, not only of infertility but for other issues. I’ve had discussions with my clients and continue all the time to develop more natural, energy based healing treatments. It also led me down the path of teaching my clients that it is only YOU CAN HEAL YOU. As and energy worker and massage therapist, I am a mere tool just to help you. Over the years I’ve loved seeing my clients grow and change from suffering in silence, to blossom – not just from the massage treatment, but from the conversations we had about their lives and by working with me on clearing their negative beliefs and changing their daily habits. People came to me with back aches and pains. We would work and deal with the physical pain and correcting posture by massage. But they began to share their stories with me and I soon realised that they would be holding on to “emotional baggage” that kept them “stuck” from moving forwards in their lives.

We never had children, and what I’ve had to learn since is that I was never meant to, but the journey I went on will not be in vain – I found out that it is my purpose to help others that are going through what we went through. At my stage of life now, I have come out of the other side and feel more contented with the way my life is now, living with my pets and husband in a beautiful old Market Town in East Yorkshire.

My specialty is in helping people with infertility learn how they can take back control of their fertility and their life. But this is by no means exclusive. My wish is for everyone who feels stuck and not in control with their lives, find a way to create their own tiny little miracle and move forward towards the life of their dreams.

Julie Allison