What Is Light Language and How Can It Help You Heal And Transform Your Life?


Hello, I’m Julie Mae Allison

…and, with the help of our guides, I intuitively help you find your purpose; your unique gift you have to share with the world.

We find out and clear out what’s stopping you from getting there, giving you a sacred space to move forward with your dreams.

And we co-create with you, so you can take aligned action to working towards being that new version of yourself – one with passion, courage, confidence, leadership and whatever else you are destined to be.

And if you’re already on your path to fulfilling your purpose but just need a supercharge to activate and accelerate your work to step up to your next level, this is ideal for you too.


Drawing Light Language Sun

And we do this with the help of a modality that helps clear what doesn’t serve you, helps heal and repair you whilst you work through the process and activate DNA that’s been dormant. This alchemic modality is called Light Language.


“Light is not bound by time or space.

Your quantum field is light – it’s part of your light form.

Everything you want in your life already exists in your quantum field.

You just don’t know it because you’re not a vibrational match for it yet – you’ve simply not yet reached that frequency…

…but you can!…”

Clear your limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck…then create the future dream version of yourself, your business, your life….

At the very core of your essence – at the level of your DNA

When channelling Light Language, it’s communicated as sound, tones, speaking, hand gestures, drawings, song or dance. This enables the denser form – the sound to vibrate through your body, carrying the light/the code/the message deeply. To receive and benefit from Light Language, don’t attempt to understand it with your mind! You have to open your heart. It’s exactly like listening to your favourite song. You may find you’ve heard this language before somewhere. Or it may move you in some way – either physically or emotionally. Though you don’t need to understand it at all to receive it and reap the benefits. The best way to explain it is to experience it! The last part of the video shows me doing some Light Language to open your throat area.

How does it change your DNA? As the light is transmitted, it carries an instruction/message/code to your DNA. This code could be, for example, the code of “worthiness” or “confidence” or “love”.  When this is transmitted to you, and only when you are ready to receive it, this code is INSTILLED (added temporarily) into your DNA. It is then your responsibility to work to EMBED this code (sorry – you can’t just sit back and expect your life to change without doing anything – just saying!!) – which is what I will help you with using various self-help tools. 

“We are discovering more about our LIGHT FORM

and how healing and balancing this is the key to a true alchemic transformation

of a person (and of the earth) – that is, if a person,

with their own free will, wishes to participate, create, evolve and activate the new person that’s in them….”

Here’s an idea of each phase of Light Language that you would experience in sessions

DNA Reset

You experience life with thoughts (from Mind) and feelings (from Ego) that create the physical/real version of you in your now moment. If you feel stuck - you'll already know that you have blocks and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from creating the life you actually want. In this phase, we use Light Language to remove the light codes that have been created which is keeping your current frequency at the level of "unworthiness" or "I'm not enough" or "scarcity" or "unsuccessful" etc.

DNA Repair

By removing the unwanted codes, .

DNA Activation

Following on from the last Workshop, we take another look at where those negative beliefs and emotions are energetically stuck, and how we can tap into our subconscious to release them, without the emotional attachment.

DNA Upgrade

This "upgrades" your DNA to create a new energetic form of you in your quantum field. You (and your guides) will be able to see this energetic version of you