Julie Mae Allison, 12th June 2020

Think about what you do in the morning upon awakening. Do you feel all your aches and pains immediately? There’s that persistent pain in your back again – you knew it would be there as soon as you awoke – and there it is.  Or do you reluctantly walk to the bathroom thinking about the dreaded meeting you’ll be having this afternoon, or working with a demanding customer today that you’re not looking forward to, or meeting with a ‘friend’ or family member that actually drains you? You just know you’ll be late for work because of all the traffic this time in the morning.

So, here’s what’s happening – you’ve unconsciously tuned into your subconscious mind – who reminds you of the past, who is there to confirm how bad a day you’ll have because it’s the same day you have every day. You subconsciously go through all your bad habits in your morning routine – the same habits you’ve carried out for the last 20 years or so. So, basically, you’ve acted out the same thoughts in your head every morning for years that all of this is true and that it’s out of your control to do anything different. You wish you could do something different but what can you do, because you’re needing to work at the job you hate to wait forever for that minuscule pension that you’ve been promised when you turn 67!! So, you might as well keep the future the same as the past.

So, you get through your day until the end – did you have a bad day? Were you late to work because of the traffic? Did you have negative feedback from a customer or discord with another employer or your boss? Or you feel so drained of energy that you just want to go straight to bed? And, of course, you’ll say to yourself “I knew I’d have a bad day!”

We let our Mind take over to do a lot of the self-talk for us. Subconsciously, we believe all that our Mind is telling us and never think to question whether it’s actually true. Of course, it’s true that we have no confidence whatsoever, that we are not good enough to go for a promotion or run our own business, and we can’t possibly do a presentation in front of a 1000 people. And we are not worthy of having all the clients we could want or earing a shed load of money or saying NO to a friend if it’s not convenient for you. Mmm – or are we???

Can I ask you – is this what you really want? I’m not asking for you to hand in your resignation tomorrow, or to drop the friend you’ve known for 20 years. No, of course not. But I’m asking you – is this how you really want your life (until you’re 67 at least) to be? And do you know that there are things that ARE under your control that you can change in your day? When you change each day into more positive vibes, it is the beginning of changing your whole life around – to a life that you truly desire, that you truly deserve and that is your true purpose and destiny. But – it is your responsibility to ensure YOU change. You have to be totally committed to taking action – one small step at a time is less overwhelming.

This is why I allow myself a few minutes every morning to set an intention for the day to go the way I actually want it to. This is not to say I wouldn’t ever again encounter ‘bad’ days. Sometimes situations happen that are out of our control. But this is more about the general, day to day habits and routines that we can change to help shift our energy (our vibration) to that of receiving what we do want.

So, what I would advise you to do, just to get into a daily practice is my Grounding, Protection and Setting Your Intention meditation every morning (available when you join my Facebook Group – Grow Your Intuitive Gifts). It takes a few minutes. Please don’t tell me that you don’t have a few minutes to think about the good things that can happen in your day when you spend a lot longer than that in a morning telling yourself all the bad things that can happen. Remember this meditation is to focus your mind on things that will serve you well, to replace the thoughts of all the things that don’t serve you at all. I personally feel that if you are focusing on doing something positive, you can’t think about the negative things (unless you are blocking yourself). You also have to wholly BELIEVE in your positive intention with all your heart for things to change. If you don’t believe things will change, then you will be right (remember whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right (Henry Ford quote).

I do think people give up or forget their new routines too easily, but this is understandable. It takes time for new habits to form. So, please don’t be hard on yourself (this only lowers your vibration). Keep going, keep practicing setting your new positive intention, because remember that with constant and persistent practice, it will become a habit, and before you know it, you’ll begin to see such positive changes at home, at work, or whatever you do in your day. You can also influence the energy of others when you have a very positive energy. Your energy will positively shine!

My aim with the meditation is to:

      • Ground you – this is to reaffirm your ability to stand your ground, feel stable, supported (by YOU), feel the strong, confident woman that you are. Being grounded can be a metaphor for nobody knocking you over, or rather you are not a pushover!! The other aspect of grounding yourself is to feel connected to mother earth. If you can walk out barefoot on the grass, then you are grounded. There are studies now that show walking barefoot reduces inflammation and therefore reduces the risk of disease. Things that create stress and anxiety disconnect us from the earth. At these times do you feel quite light-headed and/or not connected fully to your own body. And do you tend to not feel present in the moment and essentially “spaced out”? Unfortunately, in our modern world, we all too often experience stressful situations that can simply “knock us off our feet”. I go through a grounding exercise during this meditation, since you may not have instant access to the earth to walk barefoot on.
      • Protect you – from all the negative people that can affect you, those that drain your own energy – if you allow them. There are many ways to protect yourself, but I resonate with this one. The intention is to use your imagination to put up a barrier around your energy field. Remembering that your thoughts create your reality, if you think about a barrier up around your energy field, it will create one. Think about the invisible yet invincible force field or energy shield around a spaceship in Syfy films. Nothing can get through this invisible field, because even though invisible to the physical eyes, it is definitely there. This means that, where before, you absorbed others’ negative energy simply because you allowed their energy into yours, from now on, that negative stops at your energy field. If it hasn’t worked and people are still upsetting you and draining your energy, it’s likely that you don’t believe you can stop it from happening. As soon as you don’t believe it, it’s like the invisible shield has dropped away. But, carry on doing the protection part of the meditation every morning until you believe it. Then see what happens.
      • Gratitude – being grateful raises your vibration. It is ONLY from a high vibrational and heartfelt emotion that you can 1) be positive, 2) believe 3) change your life. Be grateful for everything in your life – yes, even the bad things that happen. Everyone is your teacher and every situation is a lesson for your Soul. How you handle your situations, particularly after the event (ie by letting go and forgiving), is the absolute main key to unlocking and diminishing your blocks, barriers, limiting beliefs, and negative feelings. Relieving the dense, heavy energy of negative feelings will in turn have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing.
      • Set your Positive Intention – So your intention can be, for example, today, I am going to feel so healthy: today I feel a zest for life, I have boundless energy to get everything that I need to do get done. Or – I am going to have the best day at work ever. I will be truly inspired with a brand new project that I can implement in my business that will generate X amount of money (you can be specific with the amount of money, though you do have to, deep down, truly believe you will receive it). Or try this one – My customers will be thrilled with my work and can’t praise me enough. Do you get the picture now? You can make up whatever intention you care to dream, so you are only attracting to you the things you desire for a better life.

I don’t wait for something bad to happen. I’ve done it so many times, I actually think about grounding, protecting myself and setting my intentions whilst I’m on the go! And you can too. Once you have done this meditation many times in this format, soon enough, you will be able to automatically Ground yourself, Protect yourself, and set your positive Intention or Intentions within 1 minute, as you walk about getting ready, without any effort. Think about how you learned to drive or learned to read and write. You do both of these with ease, subconsciously now. And, so, as with anything you do frequently, you won’t have to even think about it so much – it will just be. So I hope you will find this mediation useful and use it as part of your daily meditation practice too. Please let me know how you get on in the Facebook Group.